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Welcome to TrueLink 

Send electronic invoice

With TrueLink you can send electronic invoices to public institutions and companies with EAN number. Your company is not required to have an EAN number or be connected to the NemHandel network.

OIOUBL is a Danish standard which the Danish public sector has decided to use as their standard. Many Danish companies use this standard and require that their suppliers use it as well. With TrueLink your company can either send data in OIOXML, OIOUBL or in a fixed file format, and TrueLink will transform your format to the OIOUBL format.

TrueLink has no start-up costs and no subscription costs. Your company only pays for the invoices which are sent to the suppliers.  The price per invoice starts at DKK 4,50 and decreases depending on the amount of invoice tickets you buy.

When you send an electronic invoice to public institutions or private companies with an EAN number, you can send it directly from your invoicing system by using our TrueLink Client Software.




You need to go through 4 steps to send your first electronic invoice to a public institution or private company with an EAN number.


  1. Become member at TrueLink

  2. Download and install TrueLink Client

  3. Buy tickets for invoices

  4. Send the invoice using TrueLink Client



Get started

Become a member


To use TrueLink, you need to sign up as TrueLink member. When you register, you need to:

  • Read and accept TrueLink's general terms of membership

  • Enter company information, DUNS-number and contact information. Read more about DUNS-number. 

You receive an e-mail confirming, that you have been registered as user. In the e-mail you will also find your user name and password. You need to use your user name and password, when you log into TrueLink.

Click on the button below to register your company as TrueLink member.


Become member

Download TrueLink Client

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You need to use the TrueLink Client to send electronic invoices to public institutions or other companies directly from your ERP system, and to receive electronic invoices from your suppliers directly into your ERP system.


When you install TrueLink client, please follow the installation guide for TrueLink Client.


The installation program will create a number of folders that are used for sending and receiving different document types and document formats. Please see the user instruction for TrueLink Client.

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Buy tickets 

TrueLink's pricing is simple. There are no start-up costs, no subscription costs and no charges.

You buy a number of tickets for invoices which are paid into your account. When you send invoices via TrueLink, your account is reduced. You can always see your balance on your account by logging into your TrueLink.

The price depends on the amount of tickets you buy at a time.

You can buy tickets in batches of a minimum of 100 invoices at a time.


Prices are listed below:




















Price pr. invoice excl. vat


4,50 kr.


4,25 kr. 


4,00 kr.


3,40 kr.


3,15 kr.


2,90 kr.


2,60 kr.


2,41 kr.


2,15 kr.

Click on the botton below, to login and buy tickets


We offer safe payment via DIBS.

Buy tickets

Formats, instructions and conditions

Invoice formats

Your company can use TrueLink to send and receive electronic invoices. We recommend that you send invoices in OIOUBL format, as this is standard format for public institutions in Denmark.

If you are not able to send OIOUBL format, you also have the possibility of sending OIOXML or TrueLink fixed file format. Please find documentation of the formats below:

OIOUBL documentation

OIOXML documentation

TrueLink fixed file format - for english version see tab UK

If you need help to find out, which format you can send to your customer, you are welcome to contact us at




TrueLink instructions and general terms and concitions


Instructions for TrueLink Administrator (PDF)


TrueLink's general terms and conditions of sales, delivery and license (PDF)
TrueLinks general terms of membership (PDF)



TrueLink Privacy policy and GDPR


Privacy policy (PDF)


Data Proccesing Agreement (PDF)



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