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TrueTrade Catalogue

This page addresses to Suppliers who have an entity in Denmark, who coves the dialogue with the Customers and where the technical skills regarding handling of Catalogue and Order XML do not understand Danish documents.


TrueTrade Catalogue consists of two elements, Catalogue Update and Price Book.


The Catalogue Updates are the master data from the Supplier, which are common for all Customers using TrueTrade. The Catalogue Updates must be sent to a specific GLN number. After upload, the Catalogue Update must be published in Supplier Cockpit.


The Price Book contains the Customers complete assortment on the Contract. Price Book must contain a specific Contract reference per Contract, the Supplier have with the Customer.


You can find a Quick Guide, which is targeted for use in the cockpit, see Quick Guide in Guides below.


Description of the formats of the Catalogue Update and Price Book can be found in Formats below. Both datasets can be uploaded in XML (OIOUBL) or CSV/Excel using the Excel templates.


If Supplier has a wish to send Catalogue Update and Price Book through ex. FTP, please contract our Helpdesk

  1. Receive invitation email from the Customer *

  2. Click on the link in the invitation email to create Supplier / login to TrueLink services *

  3. Subscribe to the Customer using the Supplier number and TrueLink code in email *

  4. Login to Supplier Cockpit using Credentials created in TrueLink **

  5. Upload Catalogue Update **

  6. Publish Catalogue Update **

  7. Upload Price book  **

*-Done by the Danish entity,  **-Done by Technical staff.

Process to get started with TrueTrade



Catalogue Updates

EXCEL template

CSV format




Price Book

EXCEL template

CSV format




Links and Guides

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